Erection All Risks Insurance

This class of policy protects the insured who manufactures or erects plants and machinery against financial loss due to sudden and unforeseen damage to property, machine, structures, installations etc on the site while being stored, erected, tested and maintained.

Contract works Insurance

This policy aims at providing financial protection for the insured against loss, liability and or damage that can occur during the building of a structure – whether accidental damages to the structure itself, the installations, on site plant and machinery or third party liabilities caused by the construction project.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This is a policy designed to indemnify the insured against damage to the machinery caused by breakdown principally from sources within the machinery. The breakdown could result to the machinery while working or at rest; being dismantled, moved or re-erected for the purposes of cleaning, inspection, repair or installation in another position within the premises state in the policy.

Plants All Risks Insurance

This policy covers loss or damage to the insured from any cause outside the machine e.g. fire, impact, explosion, theft and to limited extent, public liability. Since breakdown is specifically excluded the policy is sometimes referred to as machinery all risks – excluding breakdown insurance policy.

Electronics Equipments Insurance

A computer (electronic equipment) insurance policy is designed for the computer and its peripheral i.e. data carrying material and air-conditioning plant. The computer could be defined as all parts of the electronic data processing installation at the situation covered by the policy. Data carrying materials include tapes, disks and other materials for carrying data including programs in a form directly assimilable by the computer.